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2020 T-O-P Move Management Holiday Poem

If you know us – then you know that one of our favorite traditions is our team’s annual holiday poem! 😉 Every holiday season, we throw out a little rhyming fun mixed with a whole LOT of gratitude as our way of saying thank you to our clients, business partners and friends. Here goes for 2020…

2020 T-O-P Move Management Annual Holiday Poem 


What a day, what a week, what a month and a year!

We hope you find yourself amidst a small bit of cheer.


For making it through the strangest of times,

For finding silver linings within gloomy skies.


Underneath the masks and the concern in your eyes,

We’ve seen courage and hope and plans that are wise.


You’ve trudged ahead with transitions and made new goals in spite –

Of the unexpected circumstances that have come to light.


You’ve sorted and organized and donated too!

Adapting your home to a life lived anew…


We are grateful to each open heart and each door,

Who let us create stress that is less and joy that is more.


As we welcome a new year and prepare for much healing,

Please reach out for help if you find yourself reeling.


The struggles may change but OUR commitment through & through,

Is to support you with results in all that we do!


Sending only our warmest wishes and greatest hopes of health & happiness for all,

Helen Ingwersen & Your T-O-P Move Management Team

Kimberly Yearry