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3 More Ways To Get Rid Of Stuff (It's Harder Than It Looks!)



There is a common misconception that exists about the challenges of downsizing and de-cluttering; many people think that deciding what to get rid of is the hard part… but that donating/selling/distributing is the easy part. We wish we could tell you that was true… but the reality is that getting rid of stuff is not free or easy…


If you follow our blog, you have no doubt read our popular post on “Why Getting Rid Of Junk Is Not Free”. From ‘picky’ acceptance lists from charities, to the high cost of landfills and increasing haul fees, there are challenges that arise with simply donating or dumping. Since these are last resorts, this week we encourage you to consider these alternatives to handling unwanted household items.


The House Un-Warming Party


AARP reports that ‘House Un-Warming’ parties are new and trendy! Instead of bringing gifts, guests take items that they want from your home. Set out snacks, have a really good sense of humor and ask your friends and loved ones to help you ‘get it gone’.


Consider Apps & Groups


Facebook Marketplace, your local ‘Buy Nothing’ Group, OfferUp & LetGo can expand your reach farther than a local yard sale to a wider audience for a longer period of time. Try selling things in bulk packages rather than one item at a time to make it worth your time and that of the buyers. A giant box of holiday décor for $10, a women’s winter wardrobe for $25… make deals that people just can’t and won’t refuse! DO be cautious about giving out your address unless the buyer is committed or consider meeting up in a public place. (Also look into GiveBackBox to see if shipping unwanted goods is a good option for you!) 


Hire A Pro


It can take a lot of time and energy to determine how to dispose of household hazardous waste, when to hold a yard sale and what to do with the rest. We are always here to help you manage the unmanageable or undesirable tasks – so you can do what you want & need to do during any important life transition. Contact us for a complimentary one-hour consultation on what we would do with what you have left!


All our best,

Helen & Julie 

Helen Ingwersen