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3 Packing Hacks For Every Move



Do you know that there are some people who LOVE to pack (yes, we are raising our hands!)?!  While it would be impossible to share every tip and trick we have accumulated over years of packing and sorting… we can share three quick packing hacks anyone can use, including one that anyone can start doing today.


#1: Whether you have a move planned or not – SAVE all electronic boxes. Televisions and computers are fragile pieces of technology – and often pricey pieces you can’t afford to replace! If you save the boxes they came in with all the foam pieces and yes – the instruction manual, you can make sure your technology arrives as safe and sound to your new home as it did to your old one. Start doing this today – and whenever possible, take a picture of how the item was laid in the foam insert, otherwise it will be a bit like piecing a puzzle!


#2: Are you ready for a serious solution – label & pack by category and NOT by room. At your old home, your coats may have been in your guest room closet, but maybe you plan to put them in your new home’s entry closet. How many hours will you spend looking for coats in a box labeled guest room?! No thanks! Plus, sorting and donating will be a breeze when you have all of your holiday décor, home improvement items and books in a single space rather than in the 3-5 rooms they have worked themselves into over the years.


#3: The best way to avoid waste is to try and prevent it – stop grocery shopping a week before you move. It’s easy to try and keep some semblance of routine when your life is about to be turned upside down, but that weekly trip to the store could be more trouble than it’s worth if you don’t use the milk, produce and eggs. (And chances are you won’t have time to cook anyway!) Give yourself permission to order a large pizza and eat it for 3 meals a day if need be, but by all means don’t shop until you drop!  


If you still don’t feel ready to tackle that mountain of stuff – let us turn it into a mole hill! Call us for a complimentary one-house consultation and learn what packing hacks we’d use for you!


All our best,


Helen & Julie

Helen Ingwersen