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3 Sanity-Saving Travel Tips


Does the thought of going on vacation ACTUALLY drive you crazy! We totally get it! The concept of time away for fun and play may sound like a dream…but the reality of making it happen can easily turn into a nightmare! From packing for every member of your household, to coordinating care for your pets & home plus functioning in your rental or hotel… sometimes it’s easier to avoid a vacation than really look forward to it.


To give you some relief, we’ve turned to NAPO® (National Organization of Professional Organizers)  for some high-priority tips for a low-stress stay while you and your family are away…


Read the original article HERE, find the tips it inspired us to write below!


#1: Make a list and check it twice!


Forget about naughty and nice… without a list someone in your household could be frustrated and frenzied if they forget their phone charger or their must-have skincare products. The Container Store (a NAPO® Corporate Associate Member), offers this handy checklist for packing divided into 4 quick categories. Enlist another set of eyes to share the wealth of responsibility and give EVERY family member at least one to-do task WITH a deadline.


#2: Set up an on-site charging station.


Have you ever noticed that everyone is drained when no one is connected?! Avoid frustrations over when to meet for dinner or catch the sunset due to missed texts or unanswered calls: create a vacation device station where all tablets and phones are stored and charged all night long to make for quick connectivity all day! (Don’t forget car chargers and increased cloud storage for ALL those awesome pics you plan to take!).


#3: Never underestimate the power of a clear plastic tub.


Suitcases are NOT the only way to pack! Lessons learned from large families have taught us time and time again that clear plastic tubs (both large and small) offer a clearer view of what’s inside, greater stack-ability, lessened water permeability AND can double as a laundry basket upon arrival.



Got any fave vacation hacks?! Email them to info@topmovemgmt.com and we’ll feature your TOP tip on our Facebook page! Aren’t we all better when we work together to make more time for play?!



Helen & Julie

Helen Ingwersen