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3 Simple Space Saving Strategies

With the holidays upon us and your kids’ wish lists growing by the minute – you are likely asking yourself ONE thing: Where am I going to put all the presents this year?! No matter how big or small your home, the old adage seems true that the more room you have, the more ways you find to fill it. This week’s blog post will guide you through 3 simple strategies to save space…and maybe even your sanity as you prepare to make room for all of that holiday loot. These solutions are also great to keep on hand for downsizing, re-arranging rooms in your home or spring cleaning (yep…that will be here before we know it too!).


3 Simple Space Saving Strategies


1. Repurpose. Have we told you the famous spice rack story? When managing a move for a senior


transitioning into assisted living, her bathroom was more than lacking in storage. Julie transformed an old spice rack into a new & improved bathroom storage system and the client was not only thrilled – but didn’t even recognize it! 


Repurposing is a great way to take something you no longer need…and put it to work for something you do! Our friends at HGTV have some practical and even practically genius ways to take what is old and make it new again. From a vintage grooming station out of an old test tube rack to turning a ladder into a drying rack – these ideas are serious eye candy for the pragmatist and the fashionista in your home.


Repurposing Everyday Items for a More Organized Home (CLICK HERE) 



2. Dual Purposing. We all know that certain personalities can multi-task, but did you know that household items can multitask too? This works best in two key examples: 1) Turn something decorative into a storage item, or 2) Turn something sentimental into a piece of art to fill an empty wall and declutter shelves needed for everyday needs. There are some furniture companies that make dual purpose furniture (think chairs that are bookshelves and bike stands that are tables) but look around and you might be able to craft your own. Even placing large baskets side by side under your coffee table can maintain a clean look, and hide the room’s extra throw blankets and kids stuffed animals. When making home purchases – seek out dual function items; there are side tables that are dog crates, daybeds that triple as sofas & dressers and more. View these ideas at: http://www.homes.com/blog/2013/05/furniture-that-does-double-duty/ ​


For those sentimental items, placing your great aunt’s vintage silk scarf in a picture frame or making a shadow box of dad’s war medals are just a few examples of art that tells a story (and clears up a little closet space!).



3. Purposeful Layout. When in doubt, draw it out. When we move clients of any size home, floor plans


are a must. We have re-arranged family rooms to make office space, laid out kids rooms to double as play rooms, and fit furniture that even the homeowners hedged bets on having to sell. Getting creative and purposeful in your room planning can get you much more functionality than traditional thinking. Designer tricks in room layout include removing doors, playing with height and light, plus thinking vertically. View some really fun and inventive rooms at the Sunset Magazine link below, and remember that we consider ourselves masters of floor plans and love custom creating them just for your clients’ homes.


Sunset Magazine: 15 Genius Space Saving Room Ideas (CLICK HERE) 



We wish you little stress and many memories this holiday season! Let us know if any of these ideas help you pack away those gifts, and if you still have too much stuff to put away…just remember how loved and adored you really are. A home filled with plenty is a home lacking in want, right? And that’s a very, very blessed occasion.




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