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3 Things That Cost Your Move Time & Money

Just because we love anything & everything about the moving & transition process does mean that it is easy! While a good challenge is known to be a T-O-P Move Management best friend, we understand that not everyone feels that way. ? On that note, we are pleased to present a few tips to help you expect the unexpected. These are the top 3 reasons why a straightforward move takes a turn sideways… and can result in costing you more time and more money too. 

#1: Simultaneous Sorting & Packing

This happens so often, and we absolutely get it. Virtually everyone who is moving plans to sort and donate and then pack only what is absolutely necessary. But then life happens, and moving day draws near, and suddenly you are trying to sort and pack at the same time. The result is two-fold: 1) You are not as far along as you thought you would be in packing because you are still sorting and, 2) You now have even more stuff to take because items that you intended to sell or donate are now coming along for the ride!

#2: Items Taken Not Fitting Into The New Space

You know that rule measure twice, cut once? We believe that translates into measure twice and measure again in the moving world! The biggest and most costly delays we see in the moving process are because there are too many boxes and large items to fit into the truck, or a lack of floor planning creates issues with completing the moving process as expected. This applies to not only the space of the residence, but also in moving items along hallways, into elevators and around sharp turns.

#3: Family Members Hop On Board… Your Train!

A funny thing happens when a moving truck arrives, you suddenly become very popular! Not only are people excited for your next chapter, but eager and willing to take un-needed items off your hands – if your moving personnel and equipment are used! Be sure to set clear expectations with buyers, family members and friends that if they wish to take an item, they are responsible for packing and moving it.

When you work with T-O-P Management and secure our services for your move, we provide clear direction on what IS and IS NOT included in the spirit of complete transparency and absolute honesty.We encourage you to ensure that every service provider you work with does the same to prevent any surprises along the way.

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Helen & Your T-O-P Move Mgmt Team