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3 Things That Move Managers & Superbowl Teams Have In Common!


It’s been raining, it’s been cold, maybe it’s even been a bit boring since the holidays wrapped up. So this week, we decided to write about something fun whether you are a sports lover, a move manager or anyone with a good sense of humor! This week we wanted to share ‘3 Ways Move Managers Are Like Super Bowl Teams’. Nope – it’s not the unlimited Gatorade, spandex crop pants or uniformed cheering squad that keep US in the game (though we would take 2 out of 3!)…it’s these three things that we do to help our clients feel like winners no matter what the situation at hand. 


#1: We Train & Train & Train. The day of a move manager and pro sports play might look and feel VERY different – but rest assured that no matter what you see we are both in training all year long! While we both have seasons that are considered ‘on’ and ‘off’ – we always have our heads in the game and are determined to get better! Our conditioning is both physical, mental and emotional as we continuously educate ourselves on industry trends, driving market forces and individual client circumstances. (We are grateful to do much less core work than the pro football players though!)


#2: It’s All About The Defense. Just like THE Super Bowl, we realize only about half the game is in our control. You have heard that saying about most of life being not about what happens to you, but how you respond to it…right? The same is true in both move management and football! No matter what plays are headed our way, we respond with the best resources, best practices and best team efforts that we can muster!


#3: Repeat Achievement. If you look at the list of teams who have played in the Super Bowl over the years – you will see a LOT of repeats! Seattle has made three appearances in the last 10 years, while New England has had double that since 1997. Similarly, we do see some of the same faces more than once, or twice, in our careers! While we know that going through multiple moves and transitions is tough for our clients – we appreciate that they keep choosing us to help them do it again and again.


If you can think of any other ways that move managers are like pro sports teams – let us know! We think the next great addition would be a little bling, after all, why do only Super Bowl players get rings?!


Cheers to winning in every phase of life!


Helen & Julie

Helen Ingwersen