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5 Ways Cleaning Is GOOD For You (No – Really!)


As Move Managers & Professional Organizers, you might think we are a little biased when it comes to thinking cleaning and packing is well…fun! But did you know that having an organized home and life isn’t just about how it makes your space look – but plays an important role in how you feel and function?!


Check out these 5 benefits of being organized!


#1: More Energy & Productivity. Did you know that taking 5 or 10 minutes of clutter clearing time in the morning can improve your energy ALL day! In fact, the Journal of Neuroscience reports that looking at too many things around you can actually overload your visual cortex, interfere with processing abilities and cause you to lose focus. No thank you…


#2: Improved Eating Habits.  A study from Psychological Science determined that people who worked in neat environments (versus messy, unorganized desks) made healthier choices at snack time; they were two times as likely to choose fruit over junk food. Saying yes to mess equates to saying yes to…chocolate!


#3: Stress & Depression Reduction. The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin established a correlation between women who reported unfinished projects and disorganized homes with feelings of depression, fatigue and higher levels of stress cortisol. Women who defined their homes as clean and/or restorative reported fewer incidents of feeling down; why not enjoy a space that is both calming and comforting?!



 #4: Healthier Interpersonal Relationships. Missing items, chaos and clutter are key sources of conflict – especially amidst couples and families. Feelings of tension, conflict, shame and embarrassment are all too common when a mess is in the mix. In addition, fear of others seeing your ‘messy house’ may stop you from inviting people over and lead to less socialization and increased isolation. (We always say true friends don’t mind a little dog hair on the couch – so don’t go crazy cleaning just to have a barbeque!)


#5: Superior Sleep Patterns. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to sleep better…and who knew being organized could help?! According to the National Sleep Foundation, “people who make their beds every morning are 19 percent more likely to report regularly getting a good nights’ rest”, while 75 percent of those who report fresh, clean sheets said they get a better night’s sleep because it creates enhanced comfort! In addition, stress levels rise and your bedtime creeps up later when you are up late paying last-minute bills or answering messages. We advise at least 45-minutes of true ‘down time’ before bed – even in the move management world – that means NO late night un-packing! 


A more organized life has been linked to additional advantages including a reduced risk of cardiac events, stronger consistency with exercise routines and improved overall happiness. If we can contribute to not just your physical tasks of moving and organization, but your overall well-being, we’d be honored to call that a win-win!






Helen & Julie


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Helen Ingwersen