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A Circle of Experts: Senior Move Management Week


Guess what…it’s time to celebrate! Not only are we upon Mother’s Day weekend – but next week marks 2017 National Senior Move Managers Week. While May 14-20, 2017 is a collectively exciting week for industry professionals (THAT’S us), it’s an equally important time for YOU. With a theme ‘Circle of Experts’, our goal this year is to define the real value that we offer to older adults and their families with later lifestyle transitions.


While we could list our services, provide countless success stories or explain why senior move management is an increasingly needed service – we thought we’d give you a quick glimpse of what we can do for you. The five core constructs below define what we do – but not how we do it. Why?! Because every move is different, and every strategy is tailored to meet your needs, goals and timeline! If you’d like to hear how any of the below services (or all of them!) can be implemented in the best way for you – please contact us for a complimentary one-hour consultation! You might need a little bit of everything we offer, or 100% of one service type.


Think of it as a custom pie – where you pick the slices, favors and portion-size

(did we mention it’s calorie free!?). 


 To read more about 2017 National Association of Senior Move Managers Week – CLICK HERE! 


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Helen Ingwersen