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A Crash Course In That Catastrophic Closet

It’s one of those places you access the most yet organize the least. It’s the place that nobody really sees everyday…except you! It’s the part of the house that you keep meaning to ‘get to’ but well…it just never happens. It’s your bedroom closet – and if you think ghosts are spooky – imagine what’s hiding in the farthest back corner of your storage space! This week’s blog is all about that catastrophic closet – and what you can do to downgrade it from a full blown tornado to a mild breeze of organizational ease.


Catastrophe #1: The Closet That’s Bursting At The Seams


If closing your closet door feels more like a vertical bench press…the simple solution is to clean out your stuff. One of the biggest organizational issues with closets is our expectations of what can fit, and how!  Before you focus on making it easy to find what you want, start by clearing out what you definitely don’t like or need. You will need to pull everything (and we mean everything!) out to accomplish a complete purge, but the result will be well worth it (and you may even find a few treasures you didn’t know you had!).



Catastrophe #2: Lack of Lighting


Have you ever realized that part of the reason you can’t find what you are looking for is that you literally can’t see? Closest are known for lacking natural light and having one dim internal bulb at best. A modern method for a visually pleasing and energy efficient solution is to purchase an LED closet rod (or two) or even some stick-on, battery-operated LED strips from Amazon ($29.99).





Catastrophe #3: Plentiful Piles


If you’ve gone so far as to put the items in your closet, you have won half the battle! But that pile of shoes and bundle of scarves can wreck morning havoc when you can’t dig through the mountain fast enough to get out the door on time. Try optimizing storage space by using shelf dividers, translucent storage bins and specialized scarf hangers. Shoe racks, hat boxes and built in hooks are also equally efficient tactical tools! 



Catastrophe #4: Hazardous Hangers


Let’s face it – plastic hangers are slippery and wire hangers ruin the shape of your clothes. Your two best bets are wooden hangers (with a divot or rubber end) or slimline velvet covered hangers. And buying one mass uniform set will make a much bigger impact than trying to supplement your current non-functioning set. Go big and replace them all at the same time! (Just make sure you’ve tested them first to make sure they hold your clothing shape and prevent straps from sliding off. 


No doubt there are many other organizational issues related to closet makeover mayhem. Whether moving a client in or simply providing a basic reorganization, we often utilize the same tactic with closets that we do with other rooms of the house – when in doubt, draw it out. A closet ‘floor plan’ so to speak can really allow you to experiment with the space, without moving everything in & out.


If you think tackling your own closest catastrophe is the next disaster waiting to happen – give us a call and we’d be happy to help!


All the best,


Julie & Helen



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Helen Ingwersen