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A Kink In The Chain: NY Times Feature


As proud members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), we take great pride in our alignment with industry peers who share our passion for older adults and our fascination with organization! One of the largest populations that we serve is individuals and couples who are downsizing (or rightsizing as we prefer to all it!). If you have followed our blog over the years, you know that we have covered a slew of strategies, expectations and answers to some of our clients’ biggest downsizing dilemmas.


In a recent New York Times article, these themes were echoed and corroborated as NASMM Executive Director Mary Kay Buysse talked about the ‘significant shift in material culture’. From daughters who don’t want their mother’s fine china to silver, crystal and furniture that remain homeless in an estate clear out – there is a solemn but steady trend of aging parents with tons of stuff – and adult kids who just don’t want it.


As Mark Kay Buysse explains, “This is the first time we’re seeing a kink in the chain of passing down mementos from one generation to another”. It creates a great culture shock for our parents who fondly treasured the heirlooms passed down by their parents and grandparents, and don’t understand why their children don’t feel the same. The result is not only many tough conversations and hard feelings among family members, but a growth that the New York Times calls ‘unprecedented’ across the senior move management industry. More and more older adults are benefiting from the advantages of working with someone who can help them sort through years of accumulated belongings and help sort, sell, donate or re-purpose.


If you’d like to read more about the phenomena called ‘the kink in the chain’ and see reader responses to the NY Times article, please read the original articles below.


If we can help you with your own wonderings of what to do with all of your stuff – please don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s something we do every day… that you probably don’t or don’t want to! ????


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