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Aaaghhh! 3 Gotta Know Hidden Moving Costs


Moving is not only really stressful – but also really expensive! If you have read some of our previous posts on hiring a mover, then you know that verbal estimates are rarely accurate, and that the only binding estimates are those that involve an in-person, physical inspection of your possessions.


Yet we know that even the best estimates can come with surprises, so beware of these budget busters that aren’t often thought of until they hit your bottom line and your wallet…ouch!


#1: The Stairs Tariff & The Long Carry Charge. Another advantage of the in-person estimate is that the moving company can SEE where they will be loading your items from. A third story condo? An extended walkway? Note that even in-person estimates often only account for the home you are in – and rely on your word for access to the place you are moving into. Be sure to mention any stairs, elevators, parking challenges and long hallways or driveways at both the starting point of your move AND final destination.


#2: The Double Drive Time Rule. Most moving companies charge by the hour, but the majority also double the hourly charge for drive time (due to gas costs). Transparency is key, so don’t worry so much about the charge as long as you are told upfront about it. While it may be standard industry practice – it STILL should be disclosed to you prior to move day.


#3: Task Timing. Efficiency is key, and since movers are charged by the hour – making sure your team works quickly is to your advantage. The only real way to gauge efficiency is from past experience, so be sure to ask for referrals of not only the company, but of the team members who will be assigned to your move (or how long they have been with the company). Consistency may be lacking if the moving company contracts different movers for every job…


BONUS TIP: Be sure to ask what the movers scope of work entails. Many will not disassemble or re-assemble cribs for liability reasons. Similarly, some have limits or additional charges for disassembling the hook-ups for your washer & dryer or for transporting and un-installing your dishwasher. Always ask and

 never assume!


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