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Avoiding Assumptions: Don't Let A LITTLE Distance Mean A BIG Mistake

In last week’s blog post, we covered the topic of relocation and the ramifications of long distance planning & packing. In a perfect world, we woud love to tell you that local moves are quicker, easier and quite carefree. But this is not a perfect world – and we all know that no move is small.


The good news is – you don’t have to learn the hard way! We have put together our T-O-P Move Management ‘assumptions to avoid’, so that big mistakes don’t have to ruin your move whether two blocks, two miles or two towns away.


If we had to pick only one piece of advice for a local move – it would be this: don’t assume a local move means DIY (do-it-yourself). We hate to break it to you – but we have seen the shortest distance moves turn into the longest-lived tales of terror. Many people are tempted to save money by doing it yourself; we know exactly what you are thinking:


– My friends will help me! All I have to do is supply pizza and beverages, right?!


– I’ll rent the smallest, cheapest truck and just make 5 trips, that will save a ton of money, obviously…?!


– I only have a few big furniture items; I am sure my neighbors can just let me borrow their truck and that queen size mattress will fit, no problem.




First of all, there is no substitute for paid, experienced moving company employees. They must show up on-time; they load and unload for a living; they can not only estimate the truck size properly – but legally (and maybe even gracefully!) park it. Plus, their experience means that two movers with one truck can often accomplish in 3 hours the work that cousin Tommy, his four buddies and your neighbor’s pick-up truck could do in a 3 day weekend. Throw in the safety and liability aspect (and the idea that your grandmother’s china cabinet could crush someone’s foot) and you will see that D-I-Y is a big N-O.


Other Assumptions To Avoid:


I ‘don’t need to organize my stuff – I’ll remember what I put where since I am only driving 10 minutes away.’ Actually, all brown boxes look the same, especially when you unload them in a new place. Sort, organize, pack and label no differently than you would for a long distance move. Trust us – you will settle in so much faster when you know where to start and what you will find inside.


‘Who needs bubble wrap/newspaper/packing peanuts for such a short move – my dishes will be fine.’ We have seen more items broken and damaged in short distance moves for this very reason – we all assume that less damage is possible in a shorter time frame. But one bump in the road or one dropped box can wreck havoc no matter how close to home it happens.


‘There will be so much less to do…’. It’s sad but true; there is virtually the same number of tasks to complete in any move of any length. People actually forget to update their friends and family more often with a local move, because it seems so obvious (I am right down the street!). You still must change your address on all of your medical, financial, legal and employment records. You still have to clean out, pack up, unpack and find room for everything. Drawers must be sorted, shelves must be lined and appliances must be installed and connected. The only part that might not change – the same solicitors knocking at your door!


‘Nothing else will change except my address.’ Moving a few blocks or miles away can still put you in a different zip code or school district, not to mention you might have a different utility service, cable company or pizza delivery zone. The most commonly overlooked assumption is that your car insurance will stay the same. Be sure to check with your insurance company when you move, as vandalism, theft and even higher fraud reports can add $300+ a year to your bill.


Even within short trips and simple tips, we hope we have provided some fresh feedback for your next transition. Remember that we are always here to help, so feel free to reach out with any questions at any time. Check back next week for ideas on how to settle in quickly once you have arrived at your next home sweet home!


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