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Better Boxes: DO Try This At Home

You know you have seen fine print in a lot of commercials and publications: do NOT try this at home. Why is it that everyone always tells you what NOT to do…but gives you no clue what might help in the so-called situation at hand?! This has never been truer than when you are packing & moving. Everyone will tell you not to forget to line the kitchen cupboards, or not to lose your toothbrush…but no one really details quite how! 


In the spirit of ‘DO try this at home‘, we chose three top tricks from Pinterest (of course!) to help make your move a little easier and to make items instantly identifiable within their boxes. Of course, you can always reach out for a little SOS if you don’t want to completely DIY.  Please let us know if we can help manage a move, relocation or organization project of any size in the San Francisco Bay Area or in Denver/Vail Valley (yep – we are NOW serving our two favorite places!). 


Better Box Tip #1: Color Coding

It’s visual, bright, fun and might even get the kids involved! 


Better Box Tip #2: The Number System

Every room will have many boxes, so numbered boxes with coordinating lists can

really be lifesavers! 



Better Box Tip #3: The Essentials

You will be exhausted on the first night in your new home. Avoid a game of homesick hide and seek by having all of your comfort items and needed toiletries in one place for the one time you need them the most: bed time! 



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