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Blast From The Past: T-O-P Move T-O-P Blogs

We have to admit it…the holidays are still months away and yet we already find ourselves getting a bit sentimental as fall approaches! Maybe it’s the back-to-school sales, maybe it’s a distraction since we have NO intention of starting holiday shopping for another 90 days…or maybe it’s just because a trip down memory lane always brings a smile or two!


This week…we decided to share some of our T-O-P posts from our T-O-P Move Management blog from this time last year! It’s no secret that hindsight is 20/20…so maybe by taking a peek into the past we can bring come clarity and commitment into the future. You know that you still have some projects to tackle by the end of the year…whether moving, organizing, de-cluttering or deep cleaning.


Our hope is that these blogs and our help can not only inspire you, but make your projects possible today, so you can enter tomorrow with a sigh of relief (and a definite spot for your stocking as you seamlessly steal a spot on Santa’s ‘nice’ list).


Without further ado…here is our Blast From The Past: T-O-P Blogs From T-O-P Move Summer 2015!


Reuse, Repurpose…Re-Enjoy!


We are not going to lie…repurposing is one of our favorite things! This blog features two T-O-P tips (and one fun example!) of how to reuse with elegance and grace in the spirit of saving space.

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Relocation 101: T-O-P Tips For Your First BIG Move


We have a little first-hand experience with this one as of late, since T-O-P Move Management opened a second branch in another state! These 5 tips can break down that big move into bite-size pieces…so start right here to make it all more manageable.


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Time To Settle…Into Your New Home


If the summer season brought you more than sunshine…and a new home is upon you (literally!), you might really benefit from these basics to help you unpack without going insane!


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Random Acts Of Kindness…For Those Who Are Moving!


I think we can all agree that the world around us could really benefit from a little more kindness right about now. Political differences, negative current events and just the chaos of life can trigger a whole lot of doubt…but a random act of kindness can create a whole lot of hope! Find some great ideas here…and use them whether you know someone who is moving or not.


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If you have a favorite T-O-P Move Blog (or ANY blog) that is a blast from the past you’d like to share – please let us know! The only way we can keep learning and moving forward in a positive direction is together. Let’s review our resources and share memorable reads!




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