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But It Just Doesn't Fit: Forming A Floor Plan 101

Does anyone hate those ‘one-size fits all’ tags as much as we do? We all know that it barely worked in clothing…and it surely isn’t true in many other contexts. A small cola at one burger pit might be quite different than a ‘small’ at the stop down the road. And then you have names like tall, treinta and big gulp…who knows anymore?! In the move management world, size is a whole other beast. We often help people moving into different size homes, and downsizing has some crystal clear limitations. But even when moving homes of the same size, the layout and square footage can create a completely different environment for the same amount of stuff. 



The answer to a move of any size or shape is simple: you need a floor plan.



In our experience, the #1 most important reason to make a floor plan is to avoid taking too much stuff. Quite simply, our eyes are bigger than our living rooms and closets in most cases. So many people have the best intentions of sorting, donating and cleaning…without truly calculating the space by space comparison. The result can be moving day madness, a whole other week or two of sorting and cleaning, and a lot of lost time in enjoying your new home.


There are a few other key reasons to make a floor plan when you move:


– To make sure your old furniture fits through your new door ways.

– To know what you need to buy…and why.

– To save time on moving day itself.

– To avoid some major headaches when you squeeze it all in…and it just doesn’t look right.

– To pre-plan some key design elements that ensure light, furniture flow and overall feel makes you feel right at home!


So you know that you need one…but where do you start? The great news is that you don’t have to be an architect or graphic designer to lay out your new living arrangements. You will need: a measuring tape, a camera, paper, and us (we love making floor plans!).


1) Start by measuring everything.

– Measure your furniture.

– Measure your new rooms, closets, and doorways.

– Measure where heating/cooling vents outlets, cable, telephone and internet cords are located. (It’s also great to take pictures of these areas.)


2) Make replicas (in the same scale) of your furniture and large items. ( Making these out of cardboard is a great trick, they last longer in all the many arrangements you will do on paper!)


3) Create many copies of that floor plan! You might draw, make notes, and scribble all over one…and wake up and have a whole new idea! Now is the time for do-overs, not later.


4) Play. Move those pieces around, explore your home from a bird’s eye view. Take into account comfort, safety, entertaining and everyday living. Picture yourselves in each room with each layout you try. And focus on function over fashion; it’s easy to get wrapped up ‘what’s hot’, but it might not be ‘cool’ for your lifestyle! This is another area where new home snapshots help you picture your ideas in the space.



***There also are many mobile apps for creating floor plans, as well as websites.


Floor Plan Mobile Apps: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/does-this-layout-work-for-me-tablet-apps-to-help-answer-that-tablet-app-recommendations-193263


Website (just one example): http://www.floorplanner.com/


If you aren’t convinced, or aren’t feeling up to the task of creating your own floor plan – call or email us anytime! If we can do what we love and make your move that much easier…it’s a true win-win situation. It’s just one of the many things we do…check out our ‘Services’ page for a complete list! (Click HERE!)


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