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Changing Spaces (Video Blog!)

‘Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is

and you’ll see them all around you. ‘ ~ Jon Bon Jovi


It’s no secret that change is hard…but with change comes opportunity, new beginnings and the art of adjusting our perception – for the better! The funny thing about the move management business is that someone else’s largest transition can be our very greatest reward! For us, change often brings the miracle of meeting some amazing clients…whom we also consider our friends. (We are known to visit long after the move is over!) 


In the brief video clip below, you’ll meet our friend Helen – who found herself in the situation of changing spaces from a two bedroom place to a one bedroom living arrangement. Find out what two items Helen could NOT live without…and how we accommodated an awkward entry that called for a quick fix! 


Special thanks to Helen for not only choosing T-O-P Move Management, but for taking the time to share her story!




Helen & Julie






Helen Ingwersen