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Defining Livability (Loving Where You Live!)


The biggest light at the end of the moving tunnel is knowing that you will end up exactly where you want and need to be. But how do you know if that really is the case?! Well, according to researchers at the AARP Pubic Policy Institute, your community has a score for ‘livability’; who knew that moving was not only an art but a science?!


While the definition of ‘livable’ is a very personal one, the AARP Livability Index is based upon the belief that “Communities that are truly livable offer diverse features that appeal to people of all ages, incomes, and abilities”. Using a scoring system of 40 metrics and 20 policies among 7 categories (housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity), the results are intended to educate residents, promote community conversation and incite action.


Learn more at: https://livabilityindex.aarp.org/


How Can I Find Out My Current Or Prospective Home’s Livability Score?


Visit the AARP Livability Index main page here and enter your address. Make sure you also read “How are Livability Scores Determined?” so that you understand what the results mean and what they don’t!


What If I Am Deciding Between Several Locations?!


Check out the “Compare Locations Tool” and see the results of your top 3 location considerations side-by-side!


What Qualities Of Livability May Be Most Important To Seniors?


There is so much to consider when making a move – and when you throw in budget, proximity to loved ones and reality… no one place or person can have it all. When in doubt, consider the aspects of livability that are most important to you today AND as you age. We’d recommend that seniors pay attention to the livability scores of: Accessible System Design & Convenient Transportation Options, Access & Quality of Health Care and Social Engagement.


We hope that this week’s post has filled your tool box with a valuable resource that you may never have known about! Please share with anyone who may need help in assessing if their next destination is one that will provide everything they want & need


(We’d like to acknowledge that sometimes we don’t have all have as much choice as we would prefer in these matters; sometimes moving happens so fast that options are limited. In these cases, livability scores can be used to empower you – for example if your new community does not have an accessible transportation system, do they have a disability outreach program or low-cost ride share option? If you know where the gaps are, you know where to focus your attention and when to ask for help.) 


Once you’ve decided where you are going, please know we are here to make the process of making it happen as easy as possible!


All our best,


Helen & Julie 

Helen Ingwersen