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Diving Into Downsizing While Sheltering In Place

As we all find ourselves amidst unprecedented times, our T-O-P Move Management team is thinking of you all and sending you thoughts of health, happiness and hope. Speaking of hope… has your time spent at home made you think about your hopes and plans for the future? Are you looking for ways to maximize what you CAN do instead of thinking about what you can’t? Then this week’s blog is for you!

Chances are, you plan to downsize at some point. Whether you plan to minimize your material goods to move to a smaller space, or simply to decrease your stress and improve your quality of life – it is NEVER too early to start (hint: one of the top 10 NASMM tips to downsize and de-stress your move is to ‘Start early & end happy!). If you are ready to dive into downsizing while sheltering in place, here are some tips to help whether you are planning a change in 6 or 12 months, or 2 – 5 years! The first step in a downsizing process is typically the sorting. Take it one room at a time… and consider these 3 categories.

#1: The ‘Keep’

Think about what your life has looked life over the last 4-6 weeks. What are the things that have brought a smile to your face, kept you busy and supported your social connectivity despite a lapse in physical contact? These are the things to keep! Have you revisited an old hobby? Brought the craft stuff out of the closet? Reminisced over old family photos with enthusiasm? You get the idea… prioritize the stuff that makes you feel good and plan to keep it. Easy, right?

#2: The ‘Must Go’

We all have the ‘must go’ pile. You know what we mean: the old lawn mower that hasn’t been touched in 5 years. The books on the shelf that have not been read in a decade. The donation pile that never made it to its destination. But wait… can you really, finally get rid of all of this junk when nearly everything is closed? The short answer is: its very likely! Many established hauling companies are offering ‘touchless’ or ‘no contact’ junk removal services. You place the items curbside and they do the rest! Through their vetted connections, they work with sources to recycle, donate and responsibly dispose of pick-ups. With virtual estimates and electronic payments – the process is easy as pie (and most think socially distanced waves from your front window are pretty sweet too!). Examples of Bay Area businesses offering this service are Junk King (a Yelp! and Angie’s List favorite) & Nixxit (a certified Bay Area Green Business & Certified Woman-Owned Small Business).

#3: The ‘ I Don’t Know!’

There is always a gray area… and items in the ‘I don’t know’ pile fall between what you know you want and what you know you don’t! For these items, we recommend boxing them up and labeling them ‘maybe’. Then put them in the garage or a spare room and do not open those boxes for 60-90 days. In a few months’ time, revisit those boxes and try to remember what is inside. If you have not been missing these items and have not found yourself scouring through them, chances are they are items you have not missed and are ready to part with!

While we hope the above tips have been helpful, the truth is that we have saved the best for last! If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of diving into downsizing while sheltering in place, you are NOT alone. T-O-P Move Management is proudly providing one-to-one coaching to help you get through this trying time with an accomplishment you can be proud of at the end! Just call 650.689.5535 or fill out our contact form on our new website: https://topmovemgmt.com/contact/.

Cheers to sunny skies & silver linings,

Helen & Your T-O-P Move Mgmt Team

Kimberly Yearry