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Do I Need A Move Manager? A Mover? Or Both?! (POP QUIZ)


Uh-Oh! If the words ‘pop quiz’ are taking you back to high school history – have no fear, the quiz that we have today is guaranteed to be a little easier and a lot more fun! Since we have not re-visited the topic of how move managers differ from traditional movers, we thought we would talk about it in a fun and engaging way!


Here are ten simple ‘yes or no’ questions to help you determine if a mover, move manager, or both are the best fit for you!


#1: Do you need help getting all of your items from Point A to Point B?


#2: Do you need someone to help disassemble and reassemble your furniture?


#3: Do you anticipate needing help for only a pre-designated, limited window of time on actual move day?


#4: Could you benefit from some pre-move services such as sorting, organizing, packing and donating?


#5: Are you seeking another set of eyes to ensure that everything will actually fit into your new home?


#6: Could you use assistance with floor and space planning for size and/or functionality?


#7: Do you need help managing the social, emotional and functional aspects of the move (not just the physical)?


#8: Are you hoping to get settled in as quickly and seamlessly as possible?


#9: Would you like access to related resources to help you with aspects of downsizing, upsizing, job relocation or other special circumstances?


#10: Are you looking for a moving resource who is flexible in the scope and length of involvement in their work?


If you answered yes to #1 through #3 – you definitely need the services of a mover! Movers are the hands-on, hard and fast help who commit to help you for a specific day, specific window of time and for specific tasks on move day itself.


If you answered yes to #4 through #10, you may truly benefit from the services of a move manager (like us!), who provide social, emotional and resourceful support in several pre-move and post-move tasks, as well as full-service support on move day.


If you answered yes to numbers #1 through #10 – you likely need both movers and move managers to make sure you have everyone and everything you need for the best transition possible.



If you are thinking you would love both movers and move managers, but are concerned about the cost, note that a consultation with both can help you maximize their time and budget your money. Our services tend to complement that of traditional movers, and ultimately save you time on move day and long after! In addition, we offer custom packages starting with very affordable hourly minimums, so that you can request as much or as little help as you need. Movers work in a similar fashion, often with a base price for a certain number of hours and employees, and then an hourly rate for any time required after that.


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