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Downsizing Debunked : These 3 Things Are NOT True


There are many great words in our industry…but there are also some that really scare people! The ‘D’ word is one of them! Before you go tattling on us…this may not be the ‘D’ word you are thinking of ~ we are talking about downsizing. While most people associate downsizing with empty-nesters or older adults, people downsize for other reasons – such as relocating to an area where you get less house for more money, because of lifestyle changes such as marriage or divorce, or simply due to choosing a minimalist approach.


No matter ‘why’ you decide to downsize – make sure ‘how’ you do it is up to you! Don’t fall for these three falsehoods about going small and going home!


MYTH #1: You have to get rid of everything.


It might feel like there is a lot to do (and there is!), but giving away everything is NOT part of the plan. Depending on the space, the layout and the way you choose for it to function – you will still be able to keep most, if not all, of what you love and enjoy. You might need to do some clean-out, you might need to start new storage and organization solutions, and you may need some new ways to house old memories – but we never let our downsizers leave their original homes empty-handed and broken-hearted.


MYTH #2: You’ll never finish.


Many people believe the process of downsizing is such a cumbersome task that it will take years…and by then – you won’t have the energy to move! While it is in no uncertain terms ‘a process’, it does not have to be an endless one. With weekly and monthly goals (and a little help from some trusty move managers!), you can get through it – and feel good about the results! It’s like spring cleaning ~ you often find items you forgot you had, or recover memories that bring you joy. Who knows…you might even be sad when its over (or not…).


MYTH #3: Your new place will have NO personality.


If you have ever heard the expression less is more…now is the time to revisit it. Just because you have less space does not make it any LESS you! It’s actually more the reason to choose how and where to express yourself in your new home. One of our favorite tasks is getting downsizers settled into their new residences and re-creating their favorite spaces, while adding a few new ones! The result is a blend of not just who you are – but where you are at in your life today. 



If you have other downsizing fears, rest assured you are NOT alone. There are not only others who feel the same way, but move management professionals like us who love a good challenge and a great new beginning. Can we make you THIS excited to change spaces (see happy baby on left!)…. let’s find out together!




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