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Falling Into The Next Season: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Now



There are many times in life when one chapter ends and another begins…and it seems like the seasons often create a natural timeline for our transitions! Have you ever set a goal to ‘do 5 new things this summer?’. Or decided, ‘I’m going to get healthy this winter!’.  Whether a big moving transition or small household project is at the forefront of your future…the transition from summer to fall might be a great way to get yourself, and your next transition, in gear!



Here are 3 quick questions to ask yourself now, as we quickly approach the fall of 2016!  






1. What do you WISH you had done at this time last year?! Was there a home project that would have been SO nice to complete before the holidays? Did you swear you would NOT be Pinterest-ing back-to-school first day photo ideas at midnight again? Hindsight is 20/20…so ask yourself what headaches you’d like to avoid this fall that erupted last year at the end of summer. The make a list & make it happen!




2. Had you hoped to sell your home and up-size or downsize…but are wondering if this is still the ‘right’ time of year? Don’t lay your moving plans to rest out of fear if you or your family could benefit from a change of size or scenery. We know some great real estate and finance professionals who can help you weight the pros (there are many!) of real estate transitions in the fall. The most important thing is to do what will bring you the best outcome for your financial, physical and personal well-being – no matter what the weather or season at hand.




3. Could you maximize your existing space to make life easier?! Maybe you are hoping to clean out the garage to make room for that 2nd household car before winter, or perhaps your current home office looks more like a dramatic desk disaster. Life is complicated enough…add in school starting, holidays coming and the year ending…and it gives you every reason to want to hibernate long before winter. Look around and see if you can think of ONE way to make life easier. A little bathroom organization or pantry inventory goes a long way when you have had a bad day and just want to reap the comforts of (a well-organized!) home.


  • Don’t forget that move managers are also outrageous organizers! We love making life easier…and our services page overviews all that we do including getting you & your home more organized at any time of year!  https://topmovemgmt.com/#!catalog/c24vq



No matter how fast your summer has flown by, and how much you feel you still have to achieve…have a little comfort in knowing that sometimes – the best is yet to come! If we can help you tackle any transitions today, tomorrow or in the uncertain and exciting future – don’t hesitate to let us know!


All the best,

Julie & Helen


Helen Ingwersen