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Floor Planning Revisited: 3 Places You’d Never Expect!


What a week! As the weather gets hotter…are you also sizzling with excitement for any happenings this season?! Spring can be such a momentous time of year: proms, graduations, outdoor celebrations…and the busiest time of year for moving! Whether you have a home transition ahead or just some solid spring cleaning to do, today’s topic may be very useful. You may have read on our blog before about the importance of forming a floor plan (But It Just Doesn’t Fit: Forming A Floor Plan 101), and today we take it to the next level. Most people think of floor plans for spaces like kitchen remodels or furniture arrangement of the living room. But there are 3 places often overlooked and very much in need of some special space planning.



3 Unexpected Places For Utilizing Floor Plans


1. The Garage. It may not be the most glamorous room in your home, but it may be the most functional. From housing your cars to storing holiday décor and gardening equipment (and sometimes serving as a laundry room), the garage is place that truly multi-tasks. Creating a floor plan for your garage can serve 3 main purposes: 1) Maximizing storage space through appropriate placement and layout of shelving, 2) Maximizing function by ensuring all purposes from automotive to other hobbies are accounted for with adequate room to maneuver, and 3) Maximizing safety by thinking through bolting of the water heater, shelving and overall earthquake impact – we DO live in California!  


2. The Backyard. Have you ever purchased a home with a beautiful outdoor space and visions of grandeur as to how you will use it, but then find yourself rarely outdoors? Often is it because the space has not been remedied for function. Consider the gathering areas – is your patio table close in proximity to your BBQ – and shaded (we all know food brings everyone together!). Have you considered citronella candles and other solutions to keep bees and wasps at bay? Are the transitions from home to outdoors warm, inviting and well-planned? Are the plants safe and suitable for pets and children? Do manicured areas create natural walkways for people to enjoy meandering thru?  These are all helpful considerations when floor planning for your family to flourish in an outdoor space.


3. The Great Room. This can be a challenging one! Often when people purchase a home with a great room, they feel compelled to lay out the living, eating and recreation space as it was done during staging. But before you follow what you viewed at open house, consider how your lifestyle fits into the great room. You may find that using your own furniture in strategic arrangements can make several cozy (and functional) areas to work and play. This is also an ideal way to account for existing electrical outlets, cable connections and internet wiring. We recommend starting by adjusting your floor plan pieces with what you had in mind, then try the exact opposite! Chances are your final layout will fall somewhere in between and you’ll get more out of the space than you anticipated.




If floor planning feels overwhelming, or if you lack the time or energy – we understand and we are here to help! Feel free to reach out for assistance with one room, your entire home, or even a tutorial on getting started. Not every home project has to be do-it-yourself’, some are calledkeeping-your-sanity’. That is why we are here, and we can’t wait to make your next transition easier!




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Helen Ingwersen