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Go With The Flow…3 Flow Charts For 3 Occasions!


It’s not always easy to go with the flow at such a busy time of year! Kids are back to school, work projects are winding up, the year is nearly winding down…and our organizational skills feel like they are unraveling all-together! But have no fear…flow charts are here! These timeless, classic tools are a great starting point & pathway for tasks that feel less than straight to the point. Below, we have compiled 3 charts for 3 types of tasks – chances are you can relate to at least one of these!


For the student in your life: The Ways To Study Flow Chart

See original article at: LifeHacks




For the budget buster in the house: The Managing Money Flow Chart

See original article at: Business Insider




For the clothes hoarder at home: The No Excuses Closet Clean-Out

See original article at: Vogue 



Whether you keep on swimming today or need help going with the flow tomorrow…keep these charts handy for any time you need a lift upstream! Remember that we are always here to help; you don’t have to move to need an extra set of hands with household organization!




Helen & Julie





Helen Ingwersen