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Going The Distance: Big Tips For Big Moves


Moving two blocks away can feel just as stressful as moving two states away! While we’d like to acknowledge that every move of every size comes with great challenges (and remind you that’s what WE are here for), today’s posts focuses on going the distance: big tips for big moves! According to MyMovingReviews.com, out-of-state moves accounted for 40% of the moving quotes requested online in 2016. Livability.com reports that the most attractive states are gaining nearly 500,000 residents a year, with the most desirable counties welcoming nearly 40,000 residents a year. That is a LOT of people in migration mode! Affordability, employment, retirement and quality of life are all huge drivers of huge life transitions. If one of these relocation reasons is in your future – here are our T-O-P Move tips for preparing for your pending transition with ease!


#1: Bring as little as possible! While cleaning and clearing out takes a ton of time, waiting until you get to your destination can cost you a TON of money! Long-distance movers and shippers charge by box – the more you bring, the more you pay! Plus big furniture items take up a great deal of room…this might be the perfect excuse to ditch that floral couch once and for all!


#2: Over-estimate how long it will take you to pack AND un-pack! Those who have completed long-distance moves often cite the things they wish they had done sooner (like tackle that garage!) and in which circumstances they should have been kinder to themselves (no one can un-pack a kitchen in a day!). Create timelines that are realistic and then build in flexibility for the stuff you can’t predict. (Don’t forget to calendar trash day and coordinate with local services for the disposal of large quantities of boxes and packing materials.)


#3: Take inventory! Writing down exactly what you are bringing is a two-fold force: 1) It’s a great way to make sure you packed everything you need (and ditched everything you didn’t), 2) It’s a great starting point for picturing where you want things to go when you get there. If you scan the list and you start to picture that some of the items just aren’t a fit or a necessity for your relocation destination, sell or donate now and save yourself the trouble later!



#4: Get creative with cost savings. Some estimates suggest that cross-country moves cost approximately $8,000. That figure can vary greatly! Set your moving budget first and then work on the pieces that ‘fit’ the plan. Could shipping on Southwest Airlines cost less than the US Postal Service (some report yes!). Could your less valuable items take a ride on Greyhound Package Express? While these solutions are NOT right for everyone…we can advise on what has worked well for us and our biggest moves – including our own personal experience. There are even ways to add to your moving budget through garage sales, consignment shops and online auctions.


#5: Welcome chaos with humor. Driving with dogs, flying with kids, un-packing in ninety-degree heat or losing your toothbrush is bound to cause some tension at some point! If you expect the chaos, you’ll feel more mentally and emotionally prepared to manage it. And if everything goes smoother than you thought – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


How We Can Help. If a long-distance move is in your future, you are not alone! Here are our biggest client requests for big moves:

  • De-cluttering prior to the selling & staging of your home.

  • Packing, sorting, donating & organizing garage sales.

  • Creating floor plans for the new home.

  • New home set-up in the San Francisco Bay Area & Denver/Vail Valley.

  • Disposal of boxes and moving materials.

  • Listening, laughing and guiding you every step of the way!



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