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Guess Who Is Approaching The Big 3-0 (And What It Means For You!)


While we are the first to welcome change -we know it can be scary! As 2019 approaches and the housing market makes a shift, the real estate industry is expecting to see rising rates, slower price growth and MORE millennial buyers. That’s right – millennials are turning 29 – an age of peak household formation. Forbes reports that 45% of mortgages will be obtained by millennials, compared to 37% of Gen Xers and 17% of Boomers. This trend is expected to continue as for the next decade – with millennials entering the market and adjusting their needs as their families grow.


So, if millennials are approaching the big 3-0 – what does this mean for YOU?!


If you are a millennial… it means we can help! You have read on our blog about the challenges that millennials face in balancing careers with caregiving responsibilities. We know that the struggle is real, in so many ways. Our goal is to make every move easier in any way we can. If you are making your first home purchase (or know someone who is!), you are not alone. We can pack or unpack one room (or all of them!), we can complete a final apartment clear out and make sure you don’t miss work to move on in to your new home!


If you are a move-up buyer… it means that your home is in demand! Millennials may largely be seeking starter homes, so with a ready and enthusiastic pool of buyers, this might be a great time to get the home that fits your life today!


If you are a real estate agent… we know that how you best serve your buyers and sellers is going to change in 2019. As you support your buyers’ needs among rising rates and guide seller’s through achieving max ROI in today’s market – we can help with the rest. Helping your clients create and coordinate moving timelines, preparing a home for staging… let us be the peanut butter to your jelly! Teamwork can make every homeowner dream work, it’s why we do what we do!


Graphic above courtesy of Realtor.com

Data above courtesy of Forbes 


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