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Inspiration For Summer Organization (Best Of Pinterest!)

Since you are friends we are going to admit our deepest, darkest secret…we are the ultimate organizational nerds! Nothing makes us happier than finding a new use for an old piece of furniture, or integrating organization and function where there was formerly clutter and chaos. In the spirit of summer, we have scoured Pinterest and created our ultimate guide to ‘Inspiration For Summer Organization‘. Even if you aren’t into the methodology of moving like we are…these ‘best of’ seasonal tips and tricks will solve summer problems you didn’t know you had (or maybe tried to ignore!).


From packing the perfect beach bag to holding that epic summer garage sale…there are ideas for families, individuals, entertainers, pool party-goes and menu masters. Enjoy!




Beyond Basics Beach Bag (Idea courtesy of: I’m An Organizing Junkie)



If you’ve ever headed to the beach and ended up bummed…blame your bag! Did you forget that favorite read? Lose your lip gloss or wind up thirsty and hungry without a credit card to be found?! Learn how to pack the perfect tote!


Home Sweet Summer Home Holiday Rules (Idea courtesy of Naturemoms.com and Mum’s Pantry)


There is a fine line between over scheduling your kids and under-enjoying summer. These lists help strike a balance between screen time, fun with friends and helping around the house! Try a new chore chart and use the money earned for ice cream sundaes or some cool pool toys! 





Strategic Summer Car Kit (Idea courtesy of: Simply Kierste: A Homemade Life)



Spending a great deal of time in the car means preparing for a great many emergencies. From someone getting car sick to someone getting buried at the beach, this summer car kit has everything you need to keep the kids clean and collected…at least until you get home! (BONUS: Scroll down to the bottom of the article for ‘Survival Items’ you should have on hand in any season.)




Epic Summer Garage Sale (Idea courtesy of: Smart, happy, Organized Blog)



Summer is an ideal time for garage sales…don’t forget the lemonade stand! You’ll gain great ground in these detailed 5 Phases: Garage Sale Preparation Phase One, Advertising Phase Two, Organizing Sale Phase Three, Pricing Phase Four, Selling & Negotiating Phase Five.



Sizzling Summer Pool Hacks (Idea courtesy of: One Crazy House)



The best way to describe this list is: where creativity meets a pool party! We have never seen a pallet re-purposed so perfectly, or tackled a towel tree quite like this! Don’t miss the bright ideas for DIY pool luminaries.


Un-Road Rage Activity Bags (Idea courtesy of: The Nerd’s Wife)



In case the kids get tired of playing ‘Slug Bug’ and you get tired of telling them to stop hitting each other, try these un-road rage activity kits. Learn to use three ring zipper pouches, white card stock and large binder rings to create six seated, awesome activities.

Simple Summer BBQ Menus (Idea courtesy of: Good+Simple)



Wondering how to go from Saturday morning pajama parties to prepped for Saturday night guests?! Start with the six elements of a simply summer BBQ dinner…and get three sample menus!

If you have a favorite summer home hack…we’d love to hear it! Whether you are tackling a transition, managing a move or just making the most of these many summer nights…we hope you find these ideas as inspiring as we did!



Julie & Helen


Helen Ingwersen