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Inspiration For The Unexpected: Quotes & Images You'll Love

This can be a tough time of year in many ways, now heightened by the reality of waking up to a bewildered world the day after a compelling electoral race. Regardless of whether your selected candidate won, chances are some aspects of the campaign, the issues at hand or the results surprised you. Just as the transition from one presidency to another brings about unexpected and uncertain challenges in our community at large, so does the transition from one phase of life to another in our hearts at home. 


It is not uncommon for life transitions, especially around the holidays, to evoke unanticipated feelings of sentimentality, sadness, hope, fear or isolation. Whether you are celebrating your first Thanksgiving without a loved one, settling into new surroundings or experiencing the post-election effects of a country disconnected, here are some thoughts to put things in perspective. 


The act of feeling alone is often worsened by being alone.

It’s when we want to push people away that we truly need each other the most. 



Much has been said about how we should talk to our kids about change, but the reality is they teach us how to do just that – without saying a word. 



No truer words…



One smile, one latte, one hug…a little goes a long way!  


If you have a favorite quote, personal mantra or good read that inspires great thoughts – feel free to share! 




Helen & Julie 


If your holiday blues stem from moving news ~ don’t forget we are always here to help! 


Helen Ingwersen