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It’s A Material World: Beyond Boxes & Bubble Wrap


We are living in a material world, and the moving industry is no exception. When you think of packing…you likely picture large cardboard boxes and LOTS of bubble wrap. While these are tried & true classics…the cost can add up quickly, not to mention the art of disposing of it all! The good news is that the move management world is increasingly focused on strategy and sustainability, so check out these packing hacks that will have your home ready to roll faster than you can sing three rounds of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’.


1. Plastic Moving Boxes.

Cardboard isn’t always king. Imagine having solid, sturdy packing crates fully assembled and delivered right to your door…that are also picked -up and reused when you are done. If it sounds too easy and eco-friendly to be true – think again! Companies like Green Box and ZippGo crush proof, water proof, and tear proof plastic crates that are as cost effective as they are crazy cool!



2. Layer With Linens.

Chances are you have tons of towels and bundles of bedding that will be heading with you to your next home. Why not end enlist linens, towels and even socks to protect glassware and other breakables? You can save $$$ on packing paper and bubble-wrap and put those linens to work!



3. Roll It Up.

Toilet paper rolls have uses far beyond your kids craft projects! Organize cords and cables by wrapping each one and stuffing it inside an empty toilet paper roll. Don’t forget to label them in permanent marker by writing directly on the cardboard tube!




4. Jewelry Jackpot.

You don’t have to have a poker face to use this trick with a simple deck of cards. Your jewelry can travel safely and in-style and arrive tangle-free with a little thinking outside the (card) box!



5. Popcorn. Hold the butter & Salt!

Yes, we’re actually talking about the kind you eat! It is biodegradable and is an innovative initiative of the moving industry. However, when using popcorn for packing, go for the unbuttered and unsalted variety.



If you are looking to purchase some earth-friendly packing supplies, there are many sources onleine who sell packing tape with plant-based adhesive, cushioned void filler (bubble wrap alternative), chipboard pads and more! Start by taking a look at EcoEnclose and PaperMart’s Eco-Friendly section.


If you have your own life hack or a creative way for something to be packed…don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to hear your ideas for easy and/or eco-friendly moving materials!



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