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Make O.H.I.O. Part Of Every Move


Are you thinking hello – we are in California, what does O.H.I.O. have to do with anything?! If so, then you are in the right place because today we are revealing an oft-overlooked but extremely helpful productivity principle called O.H.I.O.


Only Handle It Once


Yes, O.H.I.O refers to the concept of minimizing the number of times you return to the same task by taking care of it efficiently the first time! By ‘only handling it once’ you are moving through one task in entirety and moving onto the next. This principle is often applied to emails, paperwork sorting and organizational tasks – but has huge advantages in moving and downsizing too! How much time could you save if you only handled something once?! It’s nearly immeasurable!


O.H.I.O. For Moving & Downsizing


Doesn’t it feel like there are never enough hours in the day to move?! Doesn’t it feel like downsizing will take forever? That is the power of O.H.I.O – making sure that the sacred time you devote to such tasks is used to complete the task – and not make more work (which takes more time) for you later. For example – take cleaning out a closet. You could make sort, keep and sell piles. But then you’d have to go back to photograph what you are selling online, pack what you are keeping and make a trip to Goodwill! With O.H.I.O. you would pack what you are keeping during the sort (and label the boxes!), photograph what you are selling (why not set a price too!) as you separate those items and call a donation pick-up company as soon as you see what you have to give away!


O.H.I.O. Potential Pitfalls


In reality, there are some things you cannot 100% complete without making a phone call, doing some homework or asking for help. For these tasks, make it very clear where you left off. For example, if you are working on a pile of papers that need action, leave yourself a note with what the specific action is. If it is a giant pile of bill companies needing address changes, denote on the bill if it can be changed online or over the phone, if you have already made an unsuccessful change attempt and where you left off. You never want to have to go back and read through the pile and guess what you need to do all over again. 


Last But Not Least…


We love the O.H.I.O. principle so much that we have it included it as one of our 5 empowering phrases to help you get through your next moving task! Contact us for a complimentary one-hour consultation and we’ll tell you how O.H.I.O. can best help you. And YES – we promise to bring you one of our cool, new & inspiring (temporary!) tattoos shown above!

Helen Ingwersen