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Making Moving LESS Of A Financial Burden


There are SO many stressors that are associated with moving, but the monetary cost is a hefty one! Homes.com recently reported that 57.4% of female respondents and 42.6% of male respondents considering moving a serious financial squeeze. This week, we wanted to share our T-O-P advice for making moving less of a financial burden…


#1: Maximize relocation benefits. If you are moving for employment, be sure to ask exactly what costs are being covered. Be sure to find out if you need to use any preferred vendors, if you have an allowance for related professionals (such as move managers or cleaners), if they cover temporary lodging, provide spousal job search assistance and if packing and un-packing services are included. 


#2: Think outside the box. Before you spend hundreds of dollars at your local hardware store for cardboard boxes, consider a few alternatives. Many reusable box companies offer rental of plastic moving containers, some starting at $99 – delivered to your door. Plus, that offers the convenience of not wondering how to dispose of all that material after (and saves you time from having to collapse it all!). Common ones are Brute Box, BungoBox, Go Green and ZippGo. You may also community sites like NextDoor, GoNeighbour. Freecycle and Craigslist for others who have moved recently and want to give away their boxes – often FREE!


#3: Don’t wait to change your address. The sooner you change your address via the US Postal Service , the sooner you will receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars’ worth of coupons in savings. You can buy furniture, paint, household goods, cleaning and paper products and more from dozens of vendors who offer associated discounts. You can request your address change as soon as you know your move date, and choose a forwarding date accordingly; 30 days is the suggested time frame. 


#4: Remember that time is money. The costs of moving are often associated with the chaos of a move – overlapping rent between your old and new residence, late fees on missed bills, waiting too long to cancel/change service providers and types, taking time off work to un-pack… The good news is that much of what WE do is a huge time saver, and in turn, savings cost. We can create a moving timeline that minimizes your out-of-pocket costs. We’ll look at what aspects of your move you can and cannot control – and make you a move plan that respects your time and budget! We’ll offer ideas of where to save, as well as help you identify hidden costs that you may be unaware of.


Cheers to moving with less cost and less stress,


Helen & Julie


Helen Ingwersen