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Millennial Caregivers: You Are Not Alone


In the hopes of making every transition easier, we find it extremely important to stay in tune with where challenges stem from as families deal with change. In a recently released article by AARP, the strain of millennial family caregivers was explored, based on research by the AARP Public Policy Institute.


Studies show that millennials make up a large number of the 40 million Americans who help their aging loved ones with medical care and the tasks of daily living.


According to the AARP study:


| 73% of millennial caregivers are also employed full or part-time AND spend an average of 21 hours per week providing care 

| 1/5 of millennial caregivers spend 40+ hours per week caregiving

| Millennial caregivers are less likely to receive employer support compared to older family caregivers

| 54% of millennial caregivers reported that their responsibilities had significantly impacted their work

| Millennial caregivers spend a higher percentage of their income on their loved ones than older caregivers

| 1/3 of millennial caregivers faces the emotional strain of caring for a loved one with mental health issues


If you or someone you know find yourself struggling with the duality of caregiving and managing your own life/family, we wanted to let you know about 3 services we offer that may help.


#1: Multi-Generational Living.  In many caregiving situations, there are multiple generations under one roof so that the tasks of meal preparation, daily living and transportation can be more easily addressed. If you need a more functional furniture floor plan or increased organization in certain rooms of your home, we are here to help make it a comfortable and functional space for everyone.


#2: Preparing For A Move. If your aging loved one is in the process of moving to an independent senior living community or an assisted living facility, you may feel guilt over not being able to bring them into your home. Often this guilt results in overwhelming feelings of responsibility with every aspect of packing, sorting and managing the transition. We can assure you THAT process is a full-time job, and we can save you time and lessen your stress by helping with one or all aspects of the downsizing process.


#3: Speeding Up The Settling In. Just because mom or dad has arrived at their new residence does not mean they feel right at home. If you find that a loved one is struggling to feel settled into their new place, we may be able to make a few small adjustments that create really BIG feelings of comfort.


Please feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation if you find yourself under the stress of caring for a loved one. The very best way to help a loved one may be to accept a little help yourself!


All our best,


Helen & Julie 


Helen Ingwersen