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Move Management Madness: What Office Moves Can Teach Us About Change At Home


‘Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.’


(Nikos Kazantzakis)



How true this quote is in both our professional and personal lives, right? We can’t very often alter the circumstances we are in, but we can reframe how we see them. When it comes to moving, the challenges are physical, mental and emotional as you transition to a whole new environment and the many adjustment within it. This is true of not only residential moves – but corporate moves and office relocations as well!


In this week’s blog, we decided to take a few lessons from the challenges of professional moving scenarios and apply them to the home moving experience. We believe you’ll find that many of these tips account for the bigger picture perspective in how to approach and adapt your mindset to the new space & situation at hand!

  1. Coordinate Walk-Thru Tours. Not every member of your family may be part of the home selection experience, just as not every employee has a say in their office move. Be sure your children have an opportunity to view their rooms, stroll to their new neighborhood park and that any aging loved ones have an opportunity to view what their accommodations will be and where their belonging will go. This same strategy helps many employees adjust more quickly and readily when their entire office is implanted into a new building. You really do have to ‘see’ it to believe it.

  2. Incorporate Old w/New. When companies change spaces, they often use it as an opportunity to upgrade old equipment and replace outdated furniture. You may find yourself doing the same thing as you move from one residence to the next. But beware of SO much change that you create a new space that is barely unrecognizable. Consider keeping your favorite old coffee pot and Aunt Edie’s classic rocking chair. A few familiar comforts will keep you grounded when it feels like everything is up in the air!

  3. Identify & Empower A Move Team.  A move of any type, of any distance and size, requires packing, un-packing, address updates, notifications to your contacts, etc. Divide and conquer has never been needed more – and just as a corporate move takes a village – so does your home move! Give yourself internal permission to outsource – consider hiring move managers (like us!) to sort, pack & perform final clear outs. Utilizing cleaning services can also be a huge time & sanity saver.

  4. Anticipate Change. Most employers will prepare their employees with what to expect, what will be the same and what will be different at the new office destination. Prepare yourself and your family in much the same way and don’t plan or hope that you can make everything exactly the same. Change is a chance for growth…that new playroom might be just the way to get the kids to have a space to put away their toys, and that big living room might make a great new space for your holiday tree!

  5. Celebrate Big. You have likely seen business host grand opening celebrations or have office parties once the move is complete. Do the same for you and treat yourself to a celebration of some sort once your household move is done. It might be a simple pizza and pajama party or an afternoon open house for family and friends. No matter what you do, make it a momentous occasion to celebrate the next place where your best days ahead will be!


We hope these lessons learned from office moves can help you find your home’s new groove! Remember that we are always here to help (now serving TWO locations – the SF Bay Area AND Denver/Vail Valley!). 




Helen & Julie



***Blog Ideas Courtesy of: RED THREAD & Office Space Software




Helen Ingwersen