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Move Manager FAQ's: A Virtual Coffee Chat w/Helen & Julie


Hello & Happy November! As we consider all we are thankful for, we think of the many who support us, surround us and inspire us to be & do more in the transitions we assist with each year. While we wish we could take each one of you out for coffee and some laughs…we know that this is the busiest time of year for us all, and that is a good thing! So instead we are inviting you to our virtual coffee chat…and answering some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about who we are, how we help & what that means to you. If you have another question we didn’t answer, feel free to reach out at info@topmovemgmt.com at anytime.


What exactly is a ‘Move Manager’?! Are you a mover with added skills?


We get this question ALL the time and it is our favorite! We help people of all ages, walks of life and move types with the organizational, physical and emotional aspects of moving. Our knowledge areas focus on predicting costs, executing timelines and coordinating members of your move team.  We use vetted judgement and established relationships to connect you with resources in your community for donations, estate sales, recycling and more. We serve as a liaison among movers, corporate relocation teams, individuals, families, seniors and home professionals. We are known for getting our hands dirty and your space spotless. Perhaps a good analogy is that if your move is a ship – we are the captain and the moving company is our first mate!


What do you do every day?


Sometimes – the days go by so fast that we ask ourselves this same thing! We may start our day to meet with a senior aging in place who is considering downsizing, then consult with a real estate agent whose client has a very tight moving timeline and then head to family’s home to line kitchen shelves/drawers and re-organize their garage, or draw a furniture floor plan for the new playroom or guest suite! On the logistical side, we spend a great deal of time scheduling, interviewing and overseeing movers. On the creative side, we are famous for crafty re-purposing and visionary organization. We really like to see the forest from the trees…and pave the way there in a storm!



Why would someone need a move manager?


We always say that having a move manager is like eating a potato chip – you can never have just one (that’s why there are two of us!). Plus, working with us is addictive – in a calorie free kind of way. We recognize that moves are transitions, and the physical demands are as overwhelming as the emotional ones. Whether moving down the street, across the country or into a place half the size you are accustomed to – our goal is to make every transition easier. We approach every situation objectively, but with human experience and an unparalleled set of resources at your fingertips. We are your walking, talking, time-saving little black book of master move tips.


How much does all of this cost?


Every move is a little different, and so are each person’s needs. Our smallest jobs consist of a half-day organizational project, and our biggest jobs might involve months of coordination and weeks of all hands on deck. We always say that ‘Flexible’ is our middle name. Cost varies depending on the project, and our minimum service agreements cost less than the latest iPad mini – and we never go out of style. 


Do you only work with seniors?


No! We do love working with seniors, and their transitions are often the most emotional, life-changing and goal-oriented of all. The honor of helping someone move to a place they are safe again, or helping them say good-bye to where they raised their kids and welcomed their grandchildren for their first Thanksgiving is immeasurable. While we are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers®, it is not all that we do. Moving a family out-of-state, relocating a busy executive, helping people settle into a new home and locating the best resources for an estate sale are all part of our passion. We are also members of the National Association of Professional Organizers® – so decluttering & dispersing are what else we do best! View our full range of services at: https://topmovemgmt.com/#!catalog/c24vq


What do you do when you’re not managing moves?


Whether at work or at play – we like to be busy! Between us – we are mothers, wives, friends and community members. We travel, host family gatherings, ski, swim and have been known to test out re-purposing projects on ourselves first! Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn for our full realm of personal & professional backgrounds – and ‘like’ our T-O-P Move Management page on Facebook to see what we’re up to! https://www.facebook.com/topmovemgmt



How can we learn from your experience and read some tips?


We love sharing our knowledge…and our blog series (click HERE) spills our T-O-P advice and experience on a particular move topic – every week. From local lessons, disposing of household hazardous waste, sharing inspiring quotes or making an estate sale plan – our blogs bring decades of experience into a fun, consistent online article format. Still not enough? Email us at info@topmovemgmt.com and join our upcoming newsletter list! You’ll be the first to get the latest updates and best resources we can find.


Thank you for taking the time to read what we do…and have a virtual cup of coffee with us! Next we’d love to hear what you do and who you help, so don’t be shy! Email or call us anytime. Together, we can make 2016 our best year of transitions yet!





Helen & Julie




Helen Ingwersen