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Older Adults Prioritize Safety Above All (Groundbreaking Revelations)


The realities of aging are changing, or at least coming to light in a new way according to a recent study from LeadingAge. While previous schools of thought and older studies have supported the belief that retirees wish to age in place as long as possible, many of today’s Boomers feel different in reality. 


This groundbreaking data comes to us from LeadingAge, a non-profit global organization with over 6,000 members in 30 countries, which strives to be the ‘trusted voice for aging’. In a survey asking Boomers aged 60-72 what matters most – safety ranked #1 – even above proximity to friends and family. When questioned about preferences when faced with a physical or cognitive disability, 40% preferred to live somewhere other than home at the time in which they needed assistance with the tasks of daily living. This is a sharp contrast from older studies which cited that 75% of respondents wanted to remain in their own home, even when faced with varying types of impairments. 


In addition, the current study revealed that respondents biggest worry was becoming a burden to family members. Only 10% of those surveyed worried about staying in their current community, and only 11% expressed concerns about living in a nursing home.


Moreover, technology ranked a priority for Boomers – with 65% of respondents aged 65 and up citing technology as the #1 factor when choosing a multi-family home. The use of technology to maintain safe while at home was also noted, as in the case of devices used to detect and prevent falls.


In short, what Boomers want may be different than what many loved ones assume! The desire to age with grace in a place that is supportive and safe supersedes the desire to remain at home in many cases. ‘Tis true that home is where the heart is… and where the mind and body can feel at ease. Be sure to read the articles referenced below in full to gather critical insights into what your loved ones may be feeling as they age, and what you may wish to consider as you grow in your years too! 


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