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Out & About: Our T-O-P Move Team At NASMM 2017

As proud, participating members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), we always look forward to the annual conference in which nearly 500 of our industry peers from around the country collaborate, communicate and celebrate the honor of helping older adults! The only thing that made this year’s Annual NASMM Conference even more exciting…was the theme: “Exceeding Expectations”.


In a concept filled with double-meaning, this Indianapolis event not only exceeded OUR expectations as industry professionals…but guided us in exceeding YOURS as our service recipients! Over the course of 4 days, we received the opportunity to attend pre-conference courses, master classes, educational sessions and enjoy the senior-service centered expo hall and hospitality hours.


 Julie, Helen & Giovanna In Indianapolis!


We know what you are thinking…was it really ALL work and NO play?! Well…the great thing about loving what you do is that the worlds of business and fun Do collide, and we’d by lying if we didn’t admit that having all of us in the same vicinity wasn’t a blast! But rest assured our smiles were rooted in strategy, our pens and notepads were a whirl of activity and our combined commitment to the senior community grew faster than our waistlines (who doesn’t eat a ton on travel…right?!).


This week we wanted to reveal the major themes of coursework at the event (listed below); ideally you’ll recognize some perspectives and considerations that are important to you. Our key take-a-way for you today is that our mission of making transitions easier is an adaptive and human passion that we mold to meet your needs every day, month and year!


(Check back next week as we share some inside insights from one of our favorite courses ~ “Everything You Think You Know About Sales & Marketing to Baby Boomers & Older Customers May Be Wrong”. Since you are the customer, we think you’ll find the data empowering and the solutions spot-on! )


NASMM Major Event Themes 2017


– Moving As An Art – And A Science

– Recognizing, Processing & Managing ‘Hoarding’

– Mobilizing Movements Against Age Discrimination

– Senior Services As a Dialogue – Not Monologue

– Senior Move Managers Collaborating Across States (We like the California – Colorado concept!)

– Working With The Adult Children of Seniors – Effectively, Efficiently & Emotionally-Minded

– International Move Trends

– Client & Home Safety Evaluations

– Practical Perspective On Power of Attorney

– Memory Loss Challenges & Strategies

– The Critical Communication That Differentiates Between ‘Wants’ & ‘Needs’

– Aging In Place Tips & Techniques (NASMM @ Home)


To learn more, visit: https://nasmm.org/2017conf/about.cfm


If you have any questions about the concepts above, the event as a whole or what it all means for YOU – please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Julie & Helen 

Helen Ingwersen