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Random Acts Of Kindness…For Those Who Are Moving!

Most of you know that our team here at T-O-P Move Management is based in a 32 year friendship. We literally formed a business together because we believe in the same ultimate mission: Let’s help make one of the roughest transitions in life just a little easier. We think it has worked out pretty well, and we decided to take our mission one step further…and share some of the top ways that we have seen friends & loved ones make moving easier too! Here are 5 RAK’s (that’s the modern abbreviation for ‘Random Acts of Kindness’) that are unexpected and 100% guaranteed to bring on a smile. These can be used whether you know a loved one who is moving, a friend who is losing their mind relocating, or even spot a stranger with a moving van in the driveway.  


Random Acts Of Kindness For Those Who Are Moving…


‘I wonder if they will share those doughnuts with me…!’. 


1) Coffee & Doughnuts. Let’s face it – have you ever NOT seen anyone smile over a rainbow sprinkled donut?! How about picking up a dozen breakfast treats in a pink box and a coffee traveler, and dropping it off to the move team? We firmly believe calories do NOT count on moving day. ***If you missed the morning shift…how about ordering a pizza that night to be delivered to the new home – paper plates, napkins and beverages included!


2) Make A ‘Moving Day Emergency Kit’. It often happens that those move day essentials literally get lost in the shuffle. Have you ever tried to organize the new kitchen, but can’t find the dish soap? Got a little clumsy with the box cutter, and there is no band-aid in site? Make your loved ones a ‘Moving Day Emergency Kit’, and drop off 1-3 days before they move (any sooner…and IT might get packed up!).

Suggested Items:

– Roll Of Paper Towel                – Box Of Assorted Band-Aids                 – Hand Sanitizer

– Scissors                                       – All-Purpose Spray Cleaner                   – Dish Soap

-Microfiber Cleaning Cloths    – Felt Furniture Foot Protectors          – Shoe Covers

-Cleaning Eraser Sponge          – Ziploc Bags                                               – Gum


3) Fix A Problem – In Advance! Some of the most challenging move day happenings are the ones you either do not see coming, or simply do not have time to plan for. How about offering to watch your friends kids’ for the day while they un-pack? Or buy a Groupon to get those carpets cleaned? If you know someone is moving to a new neighborhood, check a review website such as Yelp! and make a list of the nearby top rated: grocery store, pizza delivery place, dine-in restaurant, home repair service and hardware store.


4) Bring Humor. You have to know your audience…but sometimes laughter really is the best medicine, especially on moving day. Show-up with a stack of those silly stick-on mustaches – whoever takes theirs off first has to buy lunch! Send a funny text, bring a boom box playing their favorite music, or just roll up your sleeves and smile no matter what happens.


5) Plan For The Aftermath. Is your neighbor about to be left with 168 moving boxes to flatten and dispose of? How about finding a service that will pick-up and get rid of those, or hire the kids down the street for some summer cash! Is the moving crew leaving at 5pm? Plan to work the night shift and help everyone find their sheets for a good night’s sleep. See an empty front porch? Drop off a bright, fun new doormat the next morning…so your loved ones wake up feeling especially loved when they walk outside for the first time!


If you don’t know someone who is moving…have no fear. We love the ideas on this website for any hour of any day, in any walk of life! https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas


Keep living the good life,


Julie & Helen





Helen Ingwersen