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Re-Purposing Old Furniture (Even The ‘Brown’ Stuff!)

If you have followed our blog, then you know that the subject of old, brown, wood furniture has been a hot topic! With style changes, tastes moving to modern and space getting more limited – passing down old furniture has become an old trend. If you are looking for one last hope for one last item that you love – consider re-purposing it! We scoured a few websites and blogs and found three ideas on WOO Home that we think are amazing! These items are so cool… your kids and grandkids just might beg you to pass them down…


As Seen On WOO Home, Courtesy of Rusty Bluebird

You’ve got mail: what a great idea for old shutters! They used to keep the wind out… and now they can keep the letters and bills in one stylish space. We love this retro mint, but painting them to match an existing room makes a versatile, one day DIY project!




As Seen On WOO Home, Courtesy of Oh-My Creative

This vintage chair drink stand may be one the best uses for old seating that we have ever seen! Why stop at beverage storage, you can insert a basket for kid or pet toys, or insert a metal bucket and keep it as a bin for garden tools on your back porch!




As Seen On WOO Home, Courtesy of Eclectically Vintage

That old dresser has a whole new purpose… and is truly going green as a planter! You can make sure that grandma’s old dresser is a place where love continues to grow with a little paint and a lot of dirt!



We’ve had our own share of up-cycling and re-purposing practice; feel free to ask us our favorite way we have turned something old into something new (and made a very happy client!). Move management is two parts organization and one part creativity ~ so put us to work at what we do best so you can stress a whole lot less! 




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