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Reader Q&A: What’s The ONE Must-Have Tool For Lining My Kitchen Cabinets?!


When one of our littlest clients entered her new home this week… her family was dreading the unpacking of one area the most – the kitchen! We received this call and decided to share one of our trade secrets with you ALL as we give the answer…


Q: Help! I’ve got a million kitchen cabinets to line and I’ve never found an easy way… is there one tool you recommend?!


A: Absolutely! We have lined more kitchen cabinets then we can count, and the one thing we NEVER leave home without is an L-shaped ruler, also called a framing square.


When measuring those pesky drawers and shelves, you can bet on a lot of corners headed your way! The L-shaped ruler can save you countless turns of the measuring stick and speed things up more than double. (For other tips & tricks with this tool check out this article from This Old House on ‘Choosing & Using Squares’.)


Ready for a few other pro tips?!? 

  • Julie’s favorite expression: Measure TWICE & cut ONCE.

  • Helen’s favorite cutting tool: The classic X-Acto Knife.

  • The T-O-P Move team favorite shelf liner: Plast-O-Mat (always buy BOTH size, the 12” and 24” to maximize your material usage and minimize your sizing efforts.)


Let’s face it…shelf and cabinet lining is NOT for everyone, but it IS one of our favorite things to do! Contact us for a complimentary consultation to see what organizational tips and tricks we can put to work in your new space, so you don’t have to!



Helen & Julie 

Helen Ingwersen