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Reality Check: The Great Expectations Of A Move


Moving is hard – we ALL know it! But the hardest thing for us to see is when clients are misinformed about which parts of the process are the hardest. So this week we are looking at the ‘great expectations’ of a move, and sharing the 3 things people UNDERESTIMATE & OVERESTIMATE the most!


Don’t Underestimate…


#1: How Hard It Is To Get Rid Of Stuff. Nearly every individual and family we work with desires to get rid of some stuff when they move. And then nearly individual is surprised to learn that getting rid of stuff is way harder than it sounds! No one wants to buy the stuff you hope to sell, and no one will haul the stuff you are willing to give away for free! We wrote an entire post on this – so don’t let your stuff get in your way!


#2: The Time It Takes To Un-Pack. The boxes are in, the truck is gone, and the electricity is in your name. Game over, right?! We wish! The hard work is really just beginning when to comes to settling in and feeling like you belong. Be patient with yourself and set a very realistic timeline (and then multiple it by 3) of how long it will take for you to truly feel at home.


#3: The Uses For Your Stuff. Your old dining room hutch does not fit in your new dining room. That’s okay! Before you give away an old favorite item, explore every possible new use. Re-purposing is an art AND a science – ask us or check Pinterest!


Don’t Overestimate…


#1: How Hard Floor Planning Is. If you think you need a 3D box and a replica of everything you own, think again! There are tons of apps, methods and people (like us!) who can make it super easy – and make your move even easier. The result is a space you love because everything is truly in its proper place with proper planning the first time


#2: The Proceeds Of Your Garage Sale. A lot of stuff does not mean a lot of profit. Expect bargain shoppers, freebie requests and lots of leftovers. Try selling higher value items in online marketplaces or forums where you can target specific buyers. But don’t expect a lot of knock knacks to drum up a lot of cash.


#3: The Cost Of Move Managers. If you think you could never afford help – think again! Most move managers offer customized packages with hourly minimums, so don’t feel like you must commit several thousand dollars to ask for help. Plus the time and money you save using their vetted strategies is literally worth it’s weight in gold (or so we have been told!).


Happy moving,


Helen & Julie 


Helen Ingwersen