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Reframing Reasons To Move

Have you ever noticed that many aspects of the moving process bring about a glass half-empty mentality? While the process itself can feel overwhelming, the end result should feel more like the light at the end of a tunnel than a cave!

To provide an example, take a look at the below infographic from the California Association of REALTORS®. This visual accurately represents some of the most common reasons that clients choose to move to smaller homes. We would like to take these reasons one step further and provide the rewarding result that comes with it!

If you are moving to ‘save money’, consider the outcome of a more financially comfortable lifestyle.

If you are moving because your ‘children moved out’, keep in mind that you now have a chance to visit them at their homes/apartments!

If you are moving because the ‘previous space was too big’, take a moment to reflect on the time you will gain from caring for a smaller residence.

If you are moving to ‘reduce stress’, make a list of the ways in which your new living situation will provide more opportunities to relax.

If you are moving because your ‘previous space was too hard to clean/maintain’, just think of how much smaller your to-do list is about to get!

If you are moving ‘to reduce clutter’,  acknowledge that less stuff allows for a reduced focus on material things and a greater concentration on memories, experiences and connections.

This same principle can be applied to virtually every reason to move, even beyond downsizing.

Instead of ‘Ugh, I cannot believe I have to relocate!’, try looking forward to a new employment opportunity and a fresh start.

Instead of ‘We have to move to find a better school for our kids’, concentrate on the security of an education you can feel good about in the long run, and maybe nice neighbors to ride to school with!

Instead of ‘I need to buy a home before prices go up”, hone in on paying less for your home now than you could at year end when values are projected to rise 5% (and you’ll have that much more equity!).

We completely understand that moving is not a piece of cake, but we are fully committed to making it manageable so that you can focus on the good stuff. After all… the best is truly yet to come!

All our best,

Helen & Your T-O-P Move Mgmt Team