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What’s the one thing that has all the stress, chaos, crazy coordination and inconvenience of a move – but ISN’T a move?!  A remodel. While upgrading a room in your home is bound to result in a space you love and use more than ever, it often creates anxiety and produces clutter in the weeks and months prior. This week’s blog is inspired by a very kind and recent comment on our Facebook page from a client ~ thank you Debbie!


“Helen and her team helped us when we remodeled our kitchen. They were neat and organized and it made it so easy to move all the stuff back in when we were done. I highly recommend them!”


So what exactly can we do to make sure your dream remodel does not become a total nightmare?!


#1: Pack & Prep: Very few contractors (none that we know of!) are going to pack up your kitchen and create an alternative meal prep space while your remodel is underway. Whether you are making changes to one room or the whole house, we can help you pack and plan for what life will look while your project is underway, as well as protect your belongings and help you store stuff safely.  Since this is an ideal time to simplify and streamline, why not let us help you sort what to keep, sell and donate (we handle those logistics too!). 


#2: Draw & Design. Not sure how your old furniture will fit in your new great room? Can’t decide what dishes will go where in your new kitchen? Hoping to avoid a pantry that looks like as disheveled as a grocery store on Black Friday? We can help you draw out, floor plan and prioritize what goes where when all is said and done. Your new space should look twice as good and function ten times better (that’s where we come in). 


#3: Un-Pack & Re-Stock. When the construction is done, our job is not! We’ll make sure you feel settled in your newly renovated space as quickly and conveniently as possible! Lining shelves & drawers, putting dishes and pots right where you need them and eliminating post-construction clutter are just a few ways we help give you your life back.


Please let us know if you have any specific questions or needs as you prepare for a home renovation or simplification project. We know that a New Year brings new goals, but that old stress can stay far, far away!


All our best,


Helen & Julie

Helen Ingwersen