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Repurposing: Problem Solving Within Reach


One of the things that we enjoy most about re-purposing isn’t just breathing new life into an old item, but also using it to solve a problem! Many of our clients are surprised to learn that they already own pieces that can do double duty… they just need a fresh perspective to see what, where & how!


That’s where we come in! One of our favorite pieces to repurpose was a brown cabinet that a client was using in her bathroom, but not only did it not fit great in there – but she had a BIGGER problem at hand.


She was wheelchair-bound, and was concerned that her kitchen cabinets were much too high for her to reach. Since she only needed to access a few items regularly ~ we saw an opportunity and a perfect space. We turned this unenthusiastic bathroom cabinet into a much-appreciated kitchen storage solution! We were able to place this piece exactly where our client needed, to hold exactly what she needed to reach most.


Check out the pics below and be sure to reach out if you have a problem to solve, an item that you’d like to love more or just need a fresh perspective. We love a good challenge… especially when it creates a great quality of life.






Helen & Julie

Helen Ingwersen