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Reuse, Repurpose…Re-Enjoy!

(We could also call this blog pst…’How Your Spice Rack Can Be Your Bathroom’s Best Friend!0. 


We all know that ‘going green’ is in, and that producing less waste and creating cleaner environments is a huge benefit to the planet, and of course – the people in it. In the context of moving, there are a lot of ways you can be environmentally aware, from choosing eco-friendly re-useable boxes instead of cardboard, to hiring green moving companies and disposing of medications, electronics and batteries in their respective, appropriate drop-off centers. But did you also know that you can literally ‘go green’ using what you already have in your home…it’s called repurposing, and chances are you have done it a few times without even thinking about it!


When you repurpose something, rather than give it away or toss it in the trash, you give it a new use. There are two main problems that repurposing solves:


1) You have a storage problem…and a limited budget.


When you move into a new home, the chances of you having the same number of closets, cabinets, and drawers is pretty slim. We especially find that assisted living facilities do not account for the storage that seniors need – especially in the bathroom.


One of our favorite examples is helping an elderly woman settle into her new, considerably smaller apartment. Her bathroom essentials simply would not fit in the limited space available. We decided to use a rattan storage rack previously in her family room for 40 years, and place it right outside her bathroom door. It held a TON of items that would not fit in her tiny bathroom, and even doubled as a linen ‘closet’. The best (and most fun!) part was using a spice rack to organize, sort and compartmentalize all of her toiletries. She not only loved having everything separated and easy to find…but did not even recognize it was her own spice rack! Plus…we didn’t spend a dime. 😉 



2) You have something you love…but it just isn’t useful in it’s current state.


Sometimes, even when you complete the most thorough clean-out that you possibly can…you end up with a few key items that you can’t bear to part with. Yet you know they will simply collect dust or take up space you don’t have in your new place. So what do you do…you put them to work.


A great example is taking that favorite, fabulous frame someone gave you for your wedding…but the glass is broken (and you’re now divorced!). But it was a gift from Great Aunt Elsa…what’s a girl to do? How about turning it into an earring rack?!



Photo Courtesy Of: http://www.diyncrafts.com/



So next time you make that move or even change around a room or two, remember to look around at what you have. You might be able to solve some storage problems and make your cherished treasures useful again. And we know you will find that repurposing isn’t just a great way to save money or go green, but an often forgotten way to enjoy again what is yours already. Life really is about the simple things, isn’t it?


‘Happiness doesn’t depend on how much you have to enjoy, but how much you enjoy what you have.’

Tom Wilson



All the best,


Helen & Julie


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