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Senior Move Management | Your One-Stop Resource Guide


If you have been following our blog over the last two weeks than you know we are still riding the excitement of attending NASMM 2017 – a nationwide event dedicated to collaboration, connectivity and commitment to seniors and their transitions. While senior move management isn’t the ONLY thing we do – it’s a key component of the clients we serve and the need that we fill in the moving and senior services industries. In fact – it is SUCH a part of our passion that we’ve written about it more than a few times in our blog over the last few years. We don’t expect you to scroll through and find everything we’ve written about senior move management – but we do hope to provide you one fast and fearless resource for what you need to know …when you need it!


That’s what this week’s blog is! We are pleased to present a compilation of everything you need to know about the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), senior moving trends and the related issues of moving as an older adult. Please save this link for anyone you know who needs help moving mom, making home a safe place for Nana or who wants to plan for their own move as they age!



It’s So Much More Than Moving | https://www.nasmm.org/

This is the official site of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. You’ll learn about NASMM’s ongoing commitment to their members (that’s us!) as well as how senior move managers are enthisiastically equipped to help you & your loved ones.



What Makes A Senior Move Manager (Click HERE) 

In this blog we discuss the coursework, the compliance, the commitment and the client relationships that make what we do so unique – and so meaningful (to US and the clients we serve!).



Familial Trends In Aging & The Growing Need For Senior Move Managers (Click HERE) 

In this blog we address the question we always get…but my parents never used move managers for THEIR parents?! We address how times are changing – and so moves must too!



Resources For Right-Sizing (Because Moving Mom IS Manageable!) (Click HERE) 

This blog reveals some relevant reads to helping not only move a parent, but prepare for the discussions and decisions that lead up to it.



There Is No Place Like Home…All Year Long (Click HERE) 

There are times when you don’t need to physically move a loved one, but simply make their current residence safer for their current stage of life. This blog explores a little-known but VERY helpful service called NASMM@Home!



Senior Move Managers In The News (Click HERE) 

So you know that we think that senior moves are kind if a big deal – but we aren’t the only ones! Find out which major media publications recognized what we do & why we do it!



Senior Move Managers Week Is Here | Move Manager Differences From Traditional Movers (Click HERE) 

Why would you need a move manager when you can ‘just’ get a mover? How about goals, length of involvement, focus and guidance?! (This is a can’t miss read!)



A Lost Art…Or New Art?! | Serving Seniors & Baby Boomers (Click HERE) 

This is your inside view into one of our master courses from NASMM 2017! No ticket required.



Out & About: Our T-O-P Move Team At NASMM 2017 (Click HERE) 

We snuck a picture of us at the conference into this post, as well as an overview of what timely tips and trends our industry is looking forward to – today and every day!


Check back soon for more on anything & everything move management! If you have a topic you;d LOVE us to explore, contact us here: https://topmovemgmt.com/contact




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