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Senior Move Managers Week Is Here | Move Manager Differences From Traditional Movers


May can mean many things to many people! From Mother’s Day to the tale of ‘April showers bring May flowers’, this can be an exciting month for celebrations and seasonal transitions. Speaking of transitions…did you also know that this is National Senior Move Managers Week?! That’s right, for us it is THE week to recognize our peers, our industry and our commitment to assisting older adults and their families with later lifestyle transitions. Learn more at: https://www.nasmm.org/about/2016_smm_week.cfm


While most people think of Senior Move Managers when they consider downsizing, there are a variety of services and lifestyle transitions that we assist with. Common needs that we address are: 


| Making aging in place more possible; providing clutter free floor planning and accessible home solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas.


| Preparing the home for a live-in caregiver.


| Helping distribute accumulated possessions; we may sort donations, dispose of medications, determine recyclables and arrange for estate/garage sales, consignment agreements and antique marketing.


| Packing for any type of later lifestyle move – whether downsizing, up-sizing, right-sizing or geographically relocating!


| Unpacking & new home set-up, including assisted living facilities, senior care centers and retirement communities. 


| Delegating all aspects of the moving process, including roles of family/friends, movers, senior care professionals, etc.


| Implementing storage and space planning considerations, while creating a safe and comfortable home setting.



In the spirit of Senior Move Managers Week, we wanted to share not just what we do, but how it differs from a traditional moving company. Let us start off by saying that movers are great; they are in fact a move manager’s best friend! But like best friends often do, we have complementary and differing strengths. Think of movers as the physical power behind the move, while move managers are the emotional, social and organizational force. Here is a simple list of how what we do differs:


Goals: Movers transfer belonging from Point A to Point B. Senior Move Managers ensure that belongings are sorted, dispersed as needed, organized and appropriate for the new living space.


Length of Involvement: Movers generally limit their involvement to moving day, with perhaps a consultation prior. Senior Move Managers are involved from when you are deciding where to go, until the day you are un-packed and feeling right at home (we are also known to visit…with cookies!).


Focus: Movers have a firm responsibility to the physical belongings of your home, focusing on safety and move-day tasks. Senior Move Managers apply a broader, personal focus that incorporates minimizing the emotional stress of moving a lifetime of memories. They focus on saving time and money, reducing stress, producing quality results and getting clients settled quickly and easily.


Guidance: Movers may provide guidance on how to protect furniture, package breakables and transfer electronics. Senior Move Managers may provide guidance on key decisions in the transition process as a whole, to avoid costly mistakes and provide resources when choosing assisted living, opting to downsize or pondering relocation.  


We thank you for taking the time to celebrate Senior Move Managers Week, and learn more about what we do and how we differ from traditional movers!


Check back next week as we reveal reasons behind this growing need for Senior Move Management services, especially compared to 20 years ago!



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Helen Ingwersen