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Service Spotlight: Settling In


Welcome back to the T-O-P Move Management blog! One of the new additions you can look forward to in our blog this spring and summer season is our ‘Service Spotlight’. We’ll take one of our T-O-P service solutions and tell you EXACTLY what it is & who it helps! This week we wanted to share what it means when we talk about helping people ‘settle in’.


Let’s face it…one of the hardest parts of moving is getting your new surroundings to truly feel like home again. With our ‘settling in’ service, we can complete a number of tasks that help you get out of moving boxes so you can move on with your life.







Complete un-packing of every room in your home, including but not limited to:

| Functional furniture layout

| Drawer and shelf-lining services

| Organization of linens, seasonal décor, garage and garden supplies and more

|Re-purposing old furniture with new uses for your new space

| Disposal of moving boxes and materials

| Coordination of post-move needs, including donation and consignment services


These services are ideal for individuals and families who…


Wonder what to do with what doesn’t fit?

Don’t have time to un-pack right away and are worried about living out of boxes for weeks (or months!)

Need offices, bedrooms and bathrooms to function like they’ve lived there for years.

Hate lining drawers, putting away dishes and sorting silverware!

Want to enjoy their new space as soon as possible.

Have relocated and need to focus on their new job and new responsibilities.

Have moved into a larger or smaller home and are worried it won’t ‘feel’ right!


If any of the above sound like ‘you’ – feel free to each out today! After all, moving isn’t a one-day event – it’s a transition of one phase of your life into the next, and I’s not a process you need to go through alone.


For a list of all of our service offerings, click HERE


All our best,


Julie & Helen

Helen Ingwersen