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Service Spotlight: What Is A ‘Final Clear Out’?!


If only every move was complete when the boxes were loaded onto the truck…right?! We have every confidence that you can relate no matter what life transition you find yourself in; that’s why we are dedicating this week’s blog to spotlight a service that can help EVERY move of ANY shape and size: final clear outs!


While this is often one of the most critical aspects of truly moving on from one home and into the next…it involves many details and dilemmas that are quite often forgotten about! The bulk of your time and energy is often allocated to packing up and moving into your next home, but there tends to be a very disappointing moment that occurs when the moving truck is loaded – yet the move is far from complete…



Picture yourself in the final days of your old residence, or that of a loved one if part of an estate clearing: the moving truck pulls away yet we can almost guarantee you aren’t looking at spotless rooms and entirely empty closets. The more likely scenario is a TON of dust, hidden items revealed from lifted furniture, crazy cord and outlet issues, random cleaning products scattered throughout, holes in walls where pictures were hung, dirty windows, the list goes on… Whether the home you are leaving behind is a rental, an upcoming listing or about to welcome a new resident – there are a number of tasks that must be completed before the job is done.


That’s where we come in! When clients ask us to help with a final clear out – we take the word ‘final’ very seriously. We tie up virtually every loose end, manage all remaining items and coordinate all needed services. Common needs include, but are not limited to:


| Last minute sorting & packing.

| Donation & dispersal of un-wanted items

| Coordination of deep cleaning, carpet treatments, window washing, etc.

| Removal of extra boxes & miscellaneous supplies.

| Final walk-thru to ensure all belongings are accounted for.


Remember – we do this every day and we have stories to tell! Want to know the craziest thing we ever found on a final clear out? Wondering what the most often-overlooked & left behind item is! All you have to do is call and ask…and let us make sure it doesn’t happen to you!


***Don’t forget to read “Why Getting Rid Of Junk Isn’t Free” for more on what to expect during your final clear out! 


All our best,

Helen & Julie

Helen Ingwersen