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Shining A Light On Our Service Spotlights


Maybe it’s because summer is here, maybe it’s because the nights are lighter a bit later… maybe it’s because the weather is warming up – but this week we’ve decided to heat up the blogwith the best of our ‘Service Spotlights’. If you have been following our blog over the years, then you know that we strive to share a ton of helpful tips on moving, organizing, downsizing and understanding/accepting transitions as a whole. From time to time we also spotlight our specific services in each of these areas, so you can see what it means to you in terms of more time and less stress.


Since we are determined to make everything easier ~ we have compiled three of our ‘Service Spotlights’ below. Think more time in the sun and less time scrounging around for the info you need on how we can help! Of course, you can ALWAYS check out our ‘Service’ tab too… right here.


Service Spotlight #1: A Final Clear Out


Check out this blog for the true tale of what happens when everything is loaded onto the truck towards the NEW place – but everything is not done at the OLD one. This is the often the biggest surprise and greatest frustration that we resolve… with a smile!


Service Spotlight #2: Settling In


You know when you want SO bad for your new place to feel just like home, but you can’t quite get there? Our ‘Settling In’ service solution is about both moving in and moving on… in a very good way!


Service Spotlight #3: Moving A Parent


While downsizing takes on many forms and functions… the challenges of moving a parent (quickly!) can really add up. In this video blog, we chat with a client who invited us to do just that… and the results for this mother-son duo are just what we want to hear and why we do what we do!


We hope you get a chance to shine this summer… whether it is doing what you love or spending time with who you care about the most. If we can add a glimmer of hope to your next transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 


All our best,


Helen & Julie 

Helen Ingwersen