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Simplify Some, Honor Always: How To Lighten Up Without Letting Go

We often hear that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, such an intense fear in fact that it ranks right up there with the phobias of public speaking, divorce, disease and certainly taxes. In our experience, the move itself consists of several huge fears…and one of the biggest (along with the transition itself) is the packing and clean-up that happens in between. Why is it exactly that the thought of going through the old in preparation for something new should be so stressful? Why do we hang onto some things so tight…no matter how much space they take up? How is that we can find so much value in an item worth barely a nickel to someone else?


It’s that great concept you often hear called sentimental value. Keepsakes. Cherished memories…stored in trinkets. We have spent countless hours with clients honoring a collection of lifetime moments, in the material form of gifts, from grandmother’s china to Johnny’s first kindergarten handprint. We have helped downsize couples from homes where they have spent the last 30 years to 900 square foot apartments where they will spend their newfound retirement. We have organized estates in preparation for sales, and witnessed the guilt that goes with thinking giving something away might mean dishonoring a memory. The good news is…there is a solution. We have compiled our proven top tips to help with the conflict of lightening up without feeling like you are letting go… 



‘The strain of hanging on [to possessions] is greater than the pain of letting go.’

~  Mo, Buddhist Nun



The quote above perfectly embraces what we see in each move we manage, in each client we assist. It isn’t the ‘letting go’ that hurts…it’s hanging on too tight for fear of how to keep the memory once the item is gone. But did you know you can simplify some items, yet honor always those memories that go with them? We believe you will find freedom and peace in your next move if you do!  Next week we share our thoughts on how to categorize your treasures and inherited treasures and begin to “right size” your life.


If you can relate to that feeling of guilt or anxiety when trying to find things to ‘give away’, be sure to check our blog next week. We will share a great top 5 ways to ‘right size’ your life. If you just can’t wait…and would like us to email you the tips (and say hello!), simply email us at info@topmovemgmt.com and we’ll personally reach out!


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